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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh what a Met!

The Metropolitan Museum knows how to throw a party.  Of course  a little help from Vogue Magazine and Anna Wintour doesn't hurt...

As Alexis said: "In Paris a man should always open champagne for a woman"

I had the tremendous honor of wearing Alexis Mabille this year.  Months ago he sent me some sketches of ideas to choose from, and I knew exactly which one I wanted.  I didn't see the dress until the Sunday before the party, but it was exciting and fun - like Christmas for grown ups.  The theme of the Met's exhibition is Schiaperelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations, and Alexis' dress was perfect for the occasion - as told to me by Anna Wintour about my dress.

Prepping for the Met in style with champagne and caviar
All the girls with designer Nicole Miller
And we're off to face the red carpet!

With Heather Howington wearing Nina Ricci

Adrienne Eischeid, Donna Friedman and Heather Howington
With Judy Chang and Hamish Bowles

The evening starts with the walk up the red carpet staircase.  Third year in attendance, I can tell you that it's crazy scary and fun all at the same time.  Celebs surround you, but if you just pretend that the paparazzi is taking your photograph, and not Gwyneth Paltrow who is behind you, it's quite a ride.

Once you complete the ascension, you begin the long walk to see the exhibit and then find the cocktail party.  Harold Koda, curator in charge, and Andrew Bolton, co-curator, outdid themselves this year.  The idea of Schiaperelli and Prada able to have a conversation about their work is fascinating.  Baz Luhrmann created the simulated conversation film that begins the exhibition with the table conversation between the two Italian designers who share a flair for blending the odd with the beautiful.

Schiaperelli, a designer during the surrealist movement, was inspired by artists like Salvador Dali (with whom she also collaborated), Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp and others.  Her work was produced from the 1920s until the 50s.  She died in 1973.  Miuccia Prada is a designer inspired by the post-modern movement.  She focuses on the bottom half of the body in her designs, where she says is the center of life.  The exhibition shows off 90 designs and 30 accessories from the two designers, all within this clear maze that is surreal as well as modern.  Pairing the two and showcasing their similarities is just incredible and is a must-see.  The exhibition is running through August 19.

After walking through the show, let the party begin.  The cocktail party is fun, and all the guests are talkative and relaxed.

Heather with pro golfer, Adam Scott
With one of my favorite designers, Lisa Perry, in her own design
with Tim Tebow
with Gerard Butler
Once the horns have announced that dinner is served, guests walk into the Egyptian room that has been enhanced with the beautiful decor.  This year was the most beautiful that I've seen.

with table mate, Jimmy Van Bramer: New York City Council Member
The Vogue after party is the real ticket to get, but if you didn't make the list, just create your own after party! You never know where it could lead you...

friend Mary Kuusisto wearing vintage Schiaperelli jewelry


Claire said...

The final creation of the dress has all the sass and style of the sketch! And that's saying something.

Thanks for a clear glimpse of a fun night.

SB said...

What a Met! May I meet the Met and have Anna comment on my dress some day!