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Monday, May 7, 2012

Viva Vivier!

I love shoes.

Last week was the opening of the Roger Vivier store in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesta, CA.  What an honor to have this very small house of design come to Orange County.  This store is one of only three in the United States, and there are not many elsewhere.  So the house celebrated rightfully.  Red carpet, live music and champagne invited guests inside the sleek boutique to meet and greet with designer, Bruno Frisoni.

A rainbow of flats
With Eric Finley
For the mini shoe lover
There may be no comparison to the St. Honore boutique in Paris, but this is an elegant boutique with a hitherto atmosphere.  It's a sexy store, modern and interesting.  Apparently designed after the late Roger Vivier's Parisian apartment.

The shoes seemed to take a backseat in the store to the bags.  I love a great handbag, but I am really more in love with a shoe.  However, these bags were alluring and seemed to be begging to be taken home.  

Then there was Bruno himself.  One word stands out when trying to describe him: endearing. His gracious and humble attitude make him easily approachable, and his singular style embodies the look of his shoes.

After the opening we headed to Marche Moderne for a lovely dinner with Bruno.  Marche Moderne is a beautiful modern French bistro located on the rooftop of the Plaza.  It was the perfect setting to host such a talented and sweet spirited designer.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Beautiful shop. It looks as if Vivier is heading in a new direction.
I also love shoes, but I have to admit that when I'm dieting (always) it's the artisan cheeses and the house charcuterie of the Marche Moderne that make my mouth water.