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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Cleansing: Closet to Soul

Living in Los Angeles is always a little strange, as we don't have concrete seasons here.  And after watching an ice storm nearly destroy my hometown of Augusta, personally surviving another snow storm in New York during Fashion Week, and bundling up in furs in Paris for couture week, it is far time to enjoy the LA 80 degree weather and catch some spring fever.

The best way to catch that fever is to start with a little cleansing.  Yes, I love my green drinks, but sometimes some cleansing can come from the soul and the closet.  So I started digging around my closet.  In part because I had an assignment from Vogue China to present my couture collection to the magazine, but mostly due to the overwhelming need to purge and start anew.  And purging the clothes in your closet may actually help purge the fillers in your head and allow you to lose the negativity in your life.

Clothes are a bit like friends.  There are the staples in your life: the suit that you can never part with after you've worn it on a memorable occasion, the go to dress that will always make you smile and lift your spirits, the jeans that go everywhere you go no matter the location, and the evening gown that is so special that you keep it in a safe place where it will always be.  These are the pieces you keep.  These are the ammunition of your wardrobe, the building blocks.  Then there are the items that just have to go: the dress you bought that you can't believe you ever brought into your house and much less wore, the hideous pair of trousers that make you look and feel your worst, the cheap frivolous top that doesn't work with anything, and the tattered jacket that you should have gotten rid of years ago.

My spring purging has begun.  My closet is looking leaner and meaner.  I'm ready to add some new pieces that will only enhance what I already have, match the work I do in arts advocacy and take me through whatever season Los Angeles has in store.  Cleansed and ready!

Oh, and most of the shoes I kept after getting them cleaned up.  Those friends are mine forever.

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