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Monday, February 6, 2012

Final Day of Couture in Paris

Oh my.  Shopping couture is exhausting!  I woke up on Day 3 happy that we had a late first show at 12:30.  Coming back to the hotel after the end of these days is hard because your brain is still processing what you saw, who you met and where you went! But, another day of fantasy begins...


We raced over back to the Grand Palais for Elie Saab's show.  Apparently, the more time you have, the later you are...  After facing a mob of people in line to see the show, Cameron summoned a PR agent to get us in the side door.

The show started off in all white.  I love white.  I actually look good in white.  It makes me feel virginal or something.  If I didn't have 3 children who like markers and dirt, my entire house would be in white.  So, we were off to a good start.  And there was a short flirty dress that I thought could be a possible contingent for a Met party dress...

And then the mint green came.  Again, a favorite color of mine. But I started to sense that the dresses were all looking the same.  A lot of heavy bead work and chiffon.  Very sparkly and extremely feminine, there was something that I liked about the collection.  Though it started to look a little Mother of the Bride to me - the shorter versions were more youthful and fun.  And not sure I needed to see so much of it.  As opposed to the Givenchy, it was as if we were seeing the same colored dress, but with a variation of sleeve or back.  Or we were seeing a different color dress with the same variation as the other color.  In my very modest opinion, this was a show of more is better.  I think it could have been edited down to be sleeker and more streamlined.  But the song Inconsistent by The Do from the runway is good - already downloaded it!

SECOND SHOW: Jean Paul Gaultier

Who will ever forget Madonna's Cone Bra? And my husband will certainly never forget the costumes in The Fifth Element.  Both Gaultier.  Both genius.

Opening with 4 a cappella singers delivering a haunting Amy Winehouse tune, it was immediately clear that Amy was Gaultier's muse for the show.  Hair, make up, tone, they all embodied this disturbed powerhouse and gave way to an inspired collection.  This show won my award for Best Show.  It was entertaining.  Never boring.  And had clothes that I wanted to wear....

Smoking cigarettes in smoking jackets, models charged down the runway showing indifferent attitude; the models owned this show.  Artists of their genre.  And with the bittersweet songs of Amy Winehouse in the background, this was a show to remember. Celebrating the life of another artist, Gaultier charmed me to the end.  Seeing things close up might have to happen...

I couldn't resist this color - and the back is buttoned up with crystal buttons that you only button half way up.  Stay tuned to see where I wear this treasure...

Shown at the beautiful Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, it was nice to be back in an intimate setting with painted ceilings, ornate mantles and crystal chandeliers.  We were packed in there, but it was worth it. A friend who works for Valentino in New York had hinted to us that there were vintage fabric inspirations along with Marie Antoinette.

I loved this show.  I found it so refreshing, like a spring breeze literally wafted through as each model walked through the rooms.  And it was so different from anything we had seen all week.  The vintage inspired floral fabrics of the long dresses flowed with each step, and the high collared necks and lace brought images of Versailles Domaine de Marie-Antoinette.  Antoinette's youth-before-the-tragedy seemed to spring to life and fill the air.  And the shoes were completely different: no stilettos or platforms.  Beautiful silk loafers and embroidered flat loafers contrasted the heeled silk loafers.

Florals, organza, smocking detail - what Southern girl could resist?


Cameron and I were lucky to receive an invitation to attend the Sidaction 10th Annual dinner of fashion against AIDS as guests of my new favorite designer, Mary Katrantzou.  Held at the Pavillon d'Armenonville, this fundraiser seated about 400 guests, including models, designers, and patrons.

At the fete, I'm wearing my first Couture purchase, a blouse by Alexis Mabille, and Cameron is wearing a suit by Mary Kantrantzou
It was interesting to attend a French non-profit, there were some definite differences that intrigued me.  The biggest was that speeches started right before dinner was served.  No wine was poured, and everyone remained completely silent as speeches were made.  And the other biggest difference was of course the food and wine.  Fish was the main course (delicious) and all of the wine, excellent.  A fun time was had, and it was the perfect finish to this Southern Belle Cinderella's ball...


karenbetty said...

Loved this. Especially the Ellie Saab white dresses. Sounds like a truly wonderful time.

kayandfrank said...

Yikes! That Elie Saab wedding dress is HIDEOUS! What were they thinking??