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Monday, February 13, 2012

New York Fashion Week 2012

New York Fashion Week.  Moved from Bryant Park to tented Lincoln Center last year.  I like the idea of fashion being at an arts center; it is art after all.

I took an unexpected trip to New York last week, so of course, I wanted to catch some shows.  First up was Rebecca Minkoff.  Known for her stylish and modern handbags, Rebecca started her ready to wear collection in 2009.  I found her designs youthful and inspired, not to mention easy to wear.

The show opened with a performance by Theophilus London, and he even joined the models for the final catwalk.  It definitely added a cool dimension to the show, and her clothes kept up that idea.  My favorite pieces were the snakeskin shorts and jacket, and all of the shearling items.  She did t shirts, jackets and a coat with the rich colored brown shearling that were all stunning and cozy at the same time.

I scored a trip backstage where I was able to meet and talk with Rebecca.  She is adorable and modest.  Can't wait to wear that snakeskin jacket!

Later that evening, I snagged a seat at the Charlotte Ronson show.  She has  become the darling of fashion week with lots of celebrities wearing her clothes and coming to her shows.  Her brand has really taken off and will continue to do so.  However, I did not love this show.  I looked back at her Spring/Summer RTW show, and I found it much better.  Both times she used a great take on color blocking, but this show seemed too heavy.  A little too somber for me.

There were some pieces that I did like.  Her leather pencil skirt was flawless and I loved the sweater paired with it.  In fact, all of the leather looks were good.  I was just not sure about all of the snoods and head covers.  And I was having a hard time following her story on the runway.

But it was nothing that drinks at the Carlyle Hotel bar, Bemelmans, couldn't remedy.  This is one of my favorite bars in New York City.  I love the people watching, the dim lighting of the lamps on each table, the wonderful hand painted Central Park murals by Ludwig Bemelman, and of course the great sounds of pianist Chris Gillespie.  It is quintessential New York at its best.

And then down the street for dinner with friends at newcomer restaurant, Crown.  John DeLucie has done it again following the success of his other great establishment, The Lion.  Now both are current favorites of mine.  Not to mention that he was the Executive Chef at The Waverly - also an all time fave.

On the bottom floor of a townhouse on the Upper East Side, this cozy, beautiful sexy restaurant serves excellent food and excellent wine.  Thanks to friends treating us for dinner, we enjoyed oysters, foie gras, beautiful entrees and a chocolate bomb desert.  I highly recommend you make a reservation here as fast as you can.  You will not be sorry!!

New York.  It really is the city where dreams are made.

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