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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Gold Bug

Sullivan's Island, SC is a place of the real South.  Located at the entrance to the Charleston Harbor and just a bridge ride over to Charleston, this small island remains true to what it once was.  The houses remind you of the past, yet invite you to a comforting and hospitable setting.  Walking the streets here, you just want to knock on a door to come in for a sweet tea or bloody mary and sit for a spell.

Built during WWII, bunkers like this are dotted along the island,
some being turned into houses
Edgar Allan Poe lived here for a little over a year in 1827 after the Army assigned him to Fort Moultrie, located on Sullivan's.

Poe's Tavern, a local pub named in honor of E.A. Poe
It was on this magical island that he wrote his most famous and widely read short story (at the time), The Gold Bug, along with two others.  The story takes place on Sullivan's Island and is a detective sort of read, as the main character hunts for a buried treasure after being bitten by a gold-colored bug.  I like to think that he was inspired by the beautiful golden sun that pours itself on the Atlantic waters, the sand and rooftops.

Being on this Island could be as close to Heaven as we can get.

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Claire said...

I'm sitting on the veranda, reading "The Gold Bug" on my i-pad. Thanks for leading me here.
The Gold-Bug - Introduction to Cryptography - The story, how to solve it, and Poe's essay on secret writing,