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Monday, April 23, 2012

Trashy but Classy

Christian Louboutin must have a very wicked sense of humor.  Something I always find appealing about people, a sense of humor can sometimes be so witty and smart that you could miss it.  Take Mr. Louboutin's Trash Shoes.

I'm a little obsessed.  The shoe is designed with objects from the trash bins of the Louboutin world: thread, old fabrics, buttons, anything and everything.  The Louboutin label has a reputation of being a very serious, expensive shoe with a slight stripper edge to it.  The label is talked about so frequently, it seems as if there is a Fitzgerald quality to production.  Churning out shoe after shoe after shoe.  

But to turn around and use trash for inspiration, it's not only green and foot-print savvy, but has a comical and light-hearted element to it.  And I would imagine that the designer could also be sending a message out to the critics (if there are any?):  my trash is so good that it can make a stunning shoe.  

Cameron Silver in his Trash shoes with Kimberly Brooks

I wore my Makeup Trash shoes Saturday night.  Mine have a fake fingernail dangling on one shoe, false eyelashes and powder puffs.  I paired with Chanel in order to tone down some of the trash with class.  I will say the shoes should come with a warning:  do not intend to wear these all night, especially late ones that end up at Jack in the Box for an early morning food fest...


Claire said...

A fingernail AND eyelashes!! What a ball you must have had picking these.

Anonymous said...

The question is - can you buy style?

Sutton Stracke said...
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Sutton Stracke said...

It was a very Silence of the Lambs moment for me!;)