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Monday, July 23, 2012

For the love of Gaultier

The last day of Paris Couture week was my most anticipated day.  Jean Paul Gaultier.  You can expect Parisian chic, interesting, beautiful clothes shown with drama and flair.
With Cameron Silver  who is in cute Gaultier seer sucker, and I'm wearing Lisa Perry with
Gaultier necklace and leather jacket (photo courtesy of Ellen Olivier: Society News LA)
After about an hour, even the Divine Miss M had to stand up for a stretch and cool-off
Ulyana making her way in
First things first.  I thought the wait for the Rolland show was long the day before, but nothing had me prepared for the wait at Gaultier.  Held in his own space in the Marais, it can be hot along the catwalk in January, so just imagine in July.  In total time, we all waited 80 minutes.  I sat on the front row and straight across from me sat Bette Midler with her daughter.  And the Russian designer from the day before, Ulyana Sergeenko, came in wearing one of her couture designs.  Evian was passed around, and we all sat wondering if we were waiting for Madonna - or worse - Kim K.

George Sand

The show finally kicked off with sounds from Pete Doherty (apparently the show was inspired by the film he stars in, seen at the Cannes Film Festival, Confession of a Child of the Century).  Luckily, based on the film reviews, the show was much better than the film.  With a dark beginning, and looking like vampire visions of the turn of the Century, the black tails and top hats were alluring and sexy.  Breaking down the look into each piece, I saw the beauty and simplicity.  Everything was androgynous, as the show was also inspired by the life of George Sand, cross-dresser and writer of the nineteenth century.

But the men almost stole the show.  Even if they were dressed in dresses…

I must try this one on - sans fur.  And just look at the boots - these were also done in black.  Yummy!

Flappers emerged after the sea of black, bringing color, life and fun as the flappers did.  Les Garconnes, they also brought a little cross-dressing of their own with short hair, trousers for evening, and voting rights for women.  And thank the Lord, these models wore hair nets on their hair and not over their faces, remembering Valli and Armani.

Yes.  Worth the wait.  Gaultier fails to disappoint.  He is a genius of clothes, a genius of fashion.  A turban-wearing genius. And I have already downloaded the movie Impromptu...

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