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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fore Fashion

As an Augusta, GA native, I grew up walking the golf course of the Augusta National every year at the Masters Tournament.  And though I do love watching the golf, I sometimes get distracted or delighted by the fashion that's walking the fairway.

The all time legend.  Bobby Jones.  A southern gentleman, he not only was a world class record making golfer, but he also helped design the Augusta National Golf Club and co-founded the Masters Tournament.  

No one has worn a tie on the golf course better.

Obviously, Mr. Jones had a huge impact on golf in many ways.  Including on the late great golfer, Payne Stewart.

No one will ever for get Stewart's consistently striking outfits, from caps to his pants (some interesting hybrid of plus fours and knickerbockers).

As a child of the 1970s, Jack Nicklaus will always remain a favorite of mine and a stand out in the world of golf.

Giving Lief Garrett a run for his money, Nicklaus' locks sometimes stole the show.

Plaid pants were his signature.  Along with winning the most Masters tournaments in history.  Wearing plaid and winning the Masters:  not things that most people can get away with.

Apparently, it's not just the ladies who like their shoes.  Freddie Couples is the best shoe dresser on the course these days, sporting his Ecco Street shoes.  My favorite were the pair with the red soles - much like the beloved Christian Louboutin shoes.

Winning the Masters in 1992, Freddie is a favorite on the golf course, I'm sure because of his excellent golf skills.  With nicknames like Boom Boom and Mr. Skins, what's not to love?

He's controversial.  And always has been, before and after the scandal.  He is a risk-taker on and off the golf course, and I believe he changed the way men started dressing for golf.  Tiger Woods.

Winning, winning, winning.  It didn't seem he could ever be stopped.  But with more wins came a change. His shirts were more fitted and sleek.  Gone were the pleated trousers and loose preppy golf shirt.  Golf started looking like an actual sport.  And Tiger certainly like an athlete.

And of course, the iconic Sunday Tiger Red.  Somehow it worked with Masters Green...

Once Tiger had sprung, those young golfers took it to the next level.  Kyle Stanley is the Johnny Cash of golfers today, wearing all black and having a bad boy look.

Definitely not your typical golf attire.

Ian Poulter: an expert at mixing the tacky with the avant garde with the fabulous, Poulter certainly makes a statement out on the golf course.

Taking risks with pink, plaid and punk, he seems to have no fear - which I respect.  I wonder what Bobby Jones would have thought of him?

Best dressed caddy in the world must go to the Augusta National. You see those white and green jumpsuits and you know Spring has officially arrived.

Cute!  I'm adding to my shopping list...

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Claire said...

I love your eye for visual values. It would be interesting to know whether Tiger Woods gives tips about merchandising. He created a storm of shoppers even among fans who don't play golf. I'd like to hear a conversation between Tiger and branding master Ian Poulter. I bet they don't compete for the same fashion dollar.