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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Day at Dior: Couture Fitting

There are seldom times in life when a girl gets to feel like a princess.  Prom. Debut. Wedding Day. Or a fitting for your first Haute Couture piece from the Christian Dior collection in Paris.

When I attended the Dior couture show in July, I went with a mission.  I knew I wanted something from the collection - a shoe or hair bow or one of the flowers from the wall.  But I decided upon Look Number 5: Black knitted cut off ball gown with black wool cigarette pants.  What a chic black tie number.  Beautiful, timeless pieces that I can mix up as well.  I think the top will look adorable with skinny jeans or leggings, and the pants are that Audrey Hepburn classic look that can be paired with a cool sweater, tailored white blouse or t shirt and jean jacket.  Can't wait for the arrival!

Shortening tightening the pants
While in Paris last week I went over to the House of Dior on Avenue Montaigne with two friends, Adrienne Eischeid and Stacey Bailey for my first fitting.  Entering the house itself is such a unique treat, and we were all in awe as we strolled up the staircase and entered the salon.  Avery serene environment, the salon is adorned in grey and pink silks and of course the incredible couture collection hangs on racks, surrounding you.  We were in heaven.

Adrienne enjoying the view

Stacey, happy as a clam
My next fitting is in New York in October then the last will be in Paris in November, when hopefully I can take my new gem home.  Then to decide where to wear it!

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