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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Allez Alexis!

Alexis Alexis Alexis.  Imp on earth.  I simply adore this guy and his designs.  His spirit and love of life are apparent in every garment he makes, and he brings a smile to my face every time I see a design.

Alexis at the Carlyle pre-Met Gala
My first Paris Fashion Week Pret A Porter SS 2013 show was Alexis Mabille last week, held at Cite de la mode et du design.  I attended with my fashionista friends, Adrienne Eischeid and Stacey Bailey.  With seats lined outside with views of the Sienne, the venue was industrial and cool.  There was a lot of buzz before the show, as there always is, but this one seemed a bit more excited.  Perhaps it was the cool fall air off the Seine.

Alexis described this collection as clothes for the spontaneous girl who loves the sun and is a city girl at heart.  Oh yes.  And he used a new take on gingham in a lot of the pieces, something he thought was a bit of a modern Brigitte Bardot.  I am in.

The show did open with a lot of the gingham, and I really liked how it was gingham but still modern - there was never a Daisy Duke moment.  All very pulled together and sweet.  But there was also a little punk mixed in with these sweet pieces - mostly due in part to dresses like a summery white lace dress paired with black motorcycle boots by Inga Shoes.  We met the shoe designer after the show, and we all wanted to grab the boots and run.  This is certainly going to be my look for spring.

The show moved from the sweet, sunny pieces to more sophisticated blues and blacks.  I adore the blue vinyl trench coat, and the black linen bomber jacket is beyond chic.  It commands attention and pulls together an entire look, whether worn with the long white and blue pleated skirt from the show, or with the white lace dress above.  This is a classic piece good for anyone's wardrobe.

The evening wear was true Alexis with lots of embellishments and small "Alexis" bows.  The gingham returned in a more abstract way, adorned with lace and organdy.  All three of us girls came away from the show wanting a few pieces - Stacey and I may have to fight over that bomber jacket.  And Adrienne may have found her perfect gown for the Met Gala.  

Of course just going to a show is part of the fun.  The people watching is always amazing, and the fashion watching cannot be beat in Paris.

Can't beat front row seats with a great friend
Stacey in a little post-papparazzi shoot
Alexis' new boutique is open in Paris at 11 rue de Grenelle now.  Though I missed the grand opening a few days later, I know that I will stop by on my next visit to Paris to check out his collection in person and all of his fun and quirky accessories.  Comment magnifique!

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SB said...

Another fabulous post. Thanks for having me there, and writing in such a way that others feel as if they were!