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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dita + Decades = Decadence!

Dita Von Teese is indeed a style icon.  She alone has brought back an extreme glamour look dripping with sex appeal.  Her taste in clothes is impeccable, and she embodies perfection - perfecting the art of blending vintage and modernity.  I have never seen her look bad or make a wrong choice. It makes sense that Dita would continue her love affair with fashion and style and create her own style line.  The other night I was able to see her clothing line, make up line, brooches...  Of course it is all vintage inspired, so it also made sense that the line was launched and sold exclusively at Decades vintage boutique on Melrose in Los Angeles.
Dita with Cameron Silver and Jeff Snyder

Decades was transformed by the always amazing designer Jeff Snyder, and it felt as if you were walking into the world of Dita.  Upstairs was like being inside her own dressing room, with a selection of some of her favorite costumes, luggage, and feather fans.

The clothes, all dresses, are simple and beautiful.  Dita was wearing my favorite one, a long floral clingy number that is playful yet sexy.  I also really loved a simple black dress that leaves a lot to the imagination - an idea that has somewhat become lost when you think of most fashion today.  Sometimes coverage and a slim silhouette is more enticing than the strapless, short numbers. (don't quote me on that...)

I am in love with the Trench Coat.  Who isn't?  We all need this coat!!! Whether it's raining or not, this is a coat for all body types and all ages.  It is a classic, timeless piece that remains feminine and alluring.

The ultimate hostess
Amber Hackett sat down for a little Dita-izing with Dita's new makeup line

The launch was a fun LA scene, with lots of characters and great people watching. We ladies tried our best to release our Inner Dita, wearing the black liquid liner and red lips.  I donned a 40s modern do, and wore one of my favorites, a vintage Givenchy black crepe dress.
My hero, Charlotte Olympia
But for me, I had two other highs that night, besides being surrounded in the utter beauty and sensuality of Dita's "closet".  I most enjoyed meeting shoe designer Charlotte Olympia.  I am slightly obsessed with the shoe line right now, and seeing her in person and getting a chat in was just the best.  Dita even commented on my shoes, and I was happy to tell her that they were Charlotte Olympia. I was also able to speak with Luca Guadagnino, the writer/director for the I am Love or Io sono L'amour (which just sounds so much cooler in Italian).  Beyond humble and quiet, he was open to speaking of his film and listening to me drone on and on about how much I love it.  If you haven't seen it, go download it now!  Have tissues at hand...

The eclectic world of Dita Von Teese is transfixing and magnetic.  I enjoyed spending just an hour or so in her realm and fantasy.  I suggest everyone go and check out her clothes on the Decades website.  Or at least get a little Dita with beautiful red lips and black liner.  Pull out those vintage grandmother brooches, and you are set for a little Teese-ing!

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Claire said...

Dita's dress speaks of Old LA - no debs, but lots of spirit, muscle, and just Oomph.